In this section we explain how a Notary Public can help you in order to open up a Revolut Business account.

Does your company need a Notary Public to open a business account with Revolut? We have the knowledge and experience to help with this process and can get it done within just a few hours. The quickest way to get help is to do it online, but you can also visit our office.

This is how you can get help online

  1. Send an email with you companys “Shareholder Structure”, “Aktiebok” or “Details from the Beneficial ownership register” to .
  2. Wait 0-2 hours while we certify the documents with the relevant authorities.
  3. Receive digitally a completed certificate from the Notary Public that will allow you to now open a business account with Revolut. We always guarantee your documents will be accepted.


Visit our office

Our office is located at Kungsgatan 37, and we have drop-in hours between 09:00-16:00 on weekdays. For other times, we can help by appointment.

Why is a Notary Public needed to open an account with Revolut?

Before opening a business account with Revolut, they need to ensure the ownership structure of a company. To do this, Revolut requires documentation of the company’s ownership structure to be presented and certified by a Notary Public. The Notary Public confirms that the document provided by the company matches what is registered and that the document is correct. After the Notary Public has confirmed the ownership structure, the business account can be opened. This document of the ownership structure is called an “Shareholder Structure”.

What is a Shareholder Structure?

A shareholder structure refers to the composition and distribution of ownership in a company. It identifies the individuals or entities that hold shares in the company and their respective ownership percentages. A well-defined shareholder structure outlines the ownership dynamics, voting rights, and decision-making power within the organization. For Revolut the important part is to get an overview of the different stakeholders in the company applying to open up a Revolut Business account.

What is a “Details from the beneficial ownership register”?

In Sweden, just like in many other places, there is a strong focus on corporate transparency to prevent financial crimes such as tax evasion and money laundering. One way this is achieved is through the establishment of a Beneficial Ownership Register.

The Swedish Companies Registration Office is responsible for maintaining the Beneficial Ownership Register, which serves to document and provide information about the actual individuals who control over 25% of a company’s ownership or voting rights, or who can otherwise influence the company’s management. This is different from nominal owners whose names may only appear on share certificates or other corporate paperwork.

Details from the Beneficial Ownership Register may include:

  1. The beneficial owner’s full name.
  2. Date of birth.
  3. Nationality.
  4. Residential address.
  5. The nature and extent of the beneficial interest held.
  6. Date on which the individual became a beneficial owner.
  7. Other pertinent details to provide clarity on the ownership structure.

It is important to mention that the register’s data is mainly meant for Swedish authorities, but some parts of it are accessible to the public under specific circumstances. This is in line with Sweden’s dedication to having a transparent business environment and complying with international standards and agreements.

Read more here on the Swedish Companies Registrations Offices website.

Why does Revolut Business Needs a Notary Public Verification?

  1. Independent Authentication: Utilizing a Notary Public for verification adds an independent and objective layer of authentication to Revolut Business’s shareholder structure. Notaries Public are legally authorized professionals who certify and authenticate important documents, ensuring their integrity and validity.
  2. Legal Documentation: Notaries Public can create legally binding documents, such as notarized shareholder agreements or certificates, which can serve as robust evidence of businesses verified shareholder structure.
  3. Compliance Assurance: Having a Notary Public verify the shareholder structure assures regulatory bodies and stakeholders that Revolut Business has followed the necessary legal procedures and complies with the requirements of the jurisdiction it operates in.
  4. Enhanced Trust and Reputation: By obtaining Notary Public verification for its shareholder structure, Revolut Business demonstrates its commitment to transparency, legal compliance, and good governance practices. This fosters trust among shareholders, investors, and the broader business community.

Opening a business account with Revolut

Opening a business account with Revolut is relatively easy, however, it often requires that a Notary Public verifies the ownership structure of your company before you are approved to open a business account with Revolut. For this reason, our Notary Public tries to verify the ownership structure as quickly as possible so that you do not have to wait to open your business account with Revolut.

You can open a business account with Revolut through this link or contact Revolut’s sales department through this link.

4 advantages of a Revolut account

  1. Immediate currency exchange
  2. Simplifies currency exchange to avoid expensive exchange rates
  3. User-friendly app
  4. 24-hour customer service

What is Revolut?

Revolut is a British “Fin-tech” company that offers financial services. Revolut was founded in 2015 and the company offers services such as currency exchange. Revolut has gained a lot of attention for their smooth way of exchanging between different currencies in their app – which makes it easier for people who travel abroad to be able to pay in different currencies without having to use currency offices or worry about expensive exchange rates.

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