Apostille by letter


Apostille by letter

Did you know that you can get an Apostille stamp quickly and easily by post?
Our Notary Public helps you with Apostille without the need to visit an office.

With us you can buy Apostille on documents from Swedish authorities, Authorized translators, other Notaries Public, etc.


Send documents to us

The documents are sent by post. Order and pay for the product above and receive instructions. The documents are then sent to: Apostille 24 c/o Timothy Prellwitz Fridhemsgatan 12 112 40 Stockholm

We stamp the documents

When we receive the document, we stamp the documents immediately and send them back the same day.

Receive completed documents

Clear! Now you can use your documents certified with an Apostille by a Notary Public.

Satisfaction Guarantee

For us, the most important thing is that you as a customer are satisfied. We will answer any questions that arise after you receive the stamped documents and ensure that you have received everything you need.
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What kind of documents can I get stamped by letter?

  • Documents from Swedish authorities. For example the Police , the Tax Agency , the Courts Agency , the Chamber of Commerce , the National Board of Health and Welfare , the County Board .
  • Translations made by authorized translators. Read here on the Kammarkollegiet’s page who are authorized translators.
  • Register extract from Swedish authorities. E.g. the civil registration register, identity card, extract from the tax register, obstacle examination for marriage and so on.
  • Power of attorney where the signature of the person giving the power of attorney has been witnessed by another Notary Public. (What happens is that the second Notary Public confirms through an Apostille that the first Notary Public has witnessed the signature.)
  • Power of attorney that has previously been witnessed by an official at a Swedish authority.
  • Documents from Court. For example, documents from a divorce, so-called divorce.
  • Extracts from grades from universities, colleges, municipal schools and other educations.

The documents that can be stamped with an Apostille via letter are documents issued and stamped by a Swedish authority or by another Notary Public.

To be able to send the documents by post, these criteria must be met:

  1. The document must be issued by a Swedish authority or Notary Public
  2. Possess a stamp from the authority
  3. Be signed by an officer/administrator
  4. Name clarification

If these criteria are met, you can advantageously get the documents stamped by letter. It is faster and easier than visiting a physical office.

Timothy Prellwitz


Timothy Prellwitz has been appointed Notary Public by an appointment from the Stockholm County Administrative Board.

``I will help you so that everything is correct and that you get your documents ready as quickly as possible.''

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