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It is common for business and applications in Spain that authorities, brokers and banks require that certain documents be provided with an Apostille. The most common is that when buying or selling real estate in Spain, an Apostille is needed on the power of attorney given to the broker to complete the purchase/sale.

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3 important things to know about Power of Attorney Spain:

  1. A power of attorney needs to be provided with an Apostille to be valid in Spain.
  2. It is usually also required that a copy of your passport be provided with an Apostille.
  3. Before a power of attorney can be provided, the signatures on the power of attorney must be witnessed by a Notary Public.

Purchase of property Spain

Buying a property in Spain is not as simple as we are used to here in Sweden. First of all, it may be good to know that Broker is not a protected title in Spain, which means that anyone can title themselves as Broker. This prompts extra caution and gives reason to check that the broker you hire is a serious and proven player.

Unlike in Sweden, lawyers are involved in property purchases in Spain. Both the seller and the buyer are usually represented by a lawyer. The broker’s role can be described as focusing primarily on bringing a seller together with a buyer, while the lawyers’ role (primarily for the buyer) is to control the property and complete the deal.

The lawyer's role

It is basically a necessity, at least as a buyer, to hire a lawyer for your property purchase in Spain. All documentation related to the purchase is in Spanish and to ensure that the transaction is completed correctly and that nothing is wrong with the property, a lawyer is needed to help with this.

Examples of what a lawyer can check:

  • If there are any registered deficiencies or errors in the property register
  • That the seller is the true owner of the property
  • That the home is not burdened with old debts.

How do I find a lawyer in Spain?

Here you will find lawyers who can help you with the purchase or sale of property in Spain.

Power of Attorney in Spain

In order for you as a buyer to be able to easily complete the purchase, and leave all the paperwork and checks to your lawyer, you need to write a power of attorney to the lawyer. This power of attorney to the lawyer in Spain must then be provided with an Apostille. The lawyer will usually give instructions on how to go about giving him a power of attorney.

This is how you go about writing a power of attorney to a lawyer in Spain:

  1. You receive a power of attorney document from your lawyer/broker. These are usually written in both Spanish and English/Swedish.
  2. Bring the document and passport and go to the Notary Public. The Notary Public witnesses your signature and provides the document with an Apostille. (Note that it is often also required that you get an Apostille on a copy of your passport).
  3. Witnessed and Apostilled Power of Attorney sent to the Attorney in Spain.


We at Apostille24 can help you with all of these steps within a few minutes. Come by our office or contact us for more information.

What is a NIE number?

A NIE number is an ID number for foreign individuals in Spain. It can be seen as an equivalent to our Swedish social security number.

If you have no economic or legal activity in the country, you need a NIE number. It is mandatory to have a NIE number to carry out things for which you typically need to identify yourself, eg open bank accounts, telephone subscriptions and so on.

Do you want help applying for a NIE number?


Apostille24 can help you from start to finish with the whole process. If you use our service, you do not need to visit the Spanish Embassy in person, we will arrange it for you.

Welcome to contact us at support@apostille24.se, call us on 0850235337 or come by our office for a drop-in every weekday from 9 am to 4 pm, address Kungsgatan 37.


How do I apply for a NIE number?

Step 1: Make an appointment

First of all, you must make an appointment for the NIE number to be issued. The easiest way to book an appointment is through their website, which you can find here.  The website is entirely in Spanish, but can be navigated fairly easily by using Google translate or similar.

It is also possible to apply for a NIE number at the Spanish embassy in Stockholm.

Step 2: Complete the EX-15 and Modelo 790 forms

After you have booked an appointment, you must fill out the mandatory EX-15 and Modelo 790 forms.

Ex-15 can be explained as being an application form to obtain a NIE number. In the form, you must fill in your personal data and the reason why you are applying for a NIE number in Spain.

The Modelo 790 is a fee payment form that you can complete online and then print and take to a bank to pay for your application.

Step 3: Bring required documents

The most important documents that need to be presented are your passport and some form of documentation that proves the reason why you are applying for a NIE number. It could be, for example, an employment contract, a contract that proves a property purchase or the like.

Checklist for documents needed to apply for a NIE number:

  1. Pass
  2. Photocopy of your passport (Printed)
  3. Completed EX-15 form
  4. Completed form Modelo 790 which has been stamped by the bank (to prove that payment has been made)
  5. Documents that prove the reason why you are applying for a NIE number

Swedish broker in Spain

Due to the strong interest of Swedes in buying property in Spain, some Swedish brokerage firms have established themselves there.

5 Swedish brokers in Spain

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