Identity proof


Identity proof

In this section, we explain everything you need to know about Identity Cards from the Tax Agency and why they usually need to be provided with an Apostille stamp


What is an identity card?

An identity card is a document from the Swedish Tax Agency’s population register that shows personal information about you. For example name, address, marital status and similar information. You can order an identity card from the Swedish Tax Agency in either digital or physical form.

In order for a Notary Public to make an Apostille on an identity card, a stamp and signature from the Tax Agency is required on the identity card. You can order such a personal certificate via this link .

How do I order an identity card?

You can order an identity card on the Swedish Tax Agency’s website or you can go to your nearest Swedish Tax Agency office. To order an identity card, you can go to this link. If you have protected personal data or if you only have a coordination number, you cannot order an identity card online but must contact the Swedish Tax Agency on 0771 567 567. The identity card will be sent to your civil registration address.

Different types of ID

There are several different types of identity cards that show varying information. Via this link, you will come to the Swedish Tax Agency, where you will find the various identity cards that you can order. Here you can click on the different categories to read more about which identity card you need. If you are not sure which identity card you need, you can contact the Swedish Tax Agency.

Why is an Apostille required on an identity document?

It is common for foreign authorities to require that a Swedish identity document to be presented has an Apostille stamp. In these situations, the Apostille stamp serves as a certificate that the identity card is actually a document issued by a Swedish authority. In order for an Apostille to be given on a Personal Certificate, the document needs to be signed and stamped by an official at the Tax Agency.

Read more here on the Swedish Tax Agency’s website about common requests from foreign authorities. Here you can also read an explanation in English about what an identity card is. Note that the Swedish Tax Agency cannot issue an Apostille, only a Notary Public can.

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