Power of attorney driving someone else’s car abroad


Power of Attorney Car Abroad

Going abroad with another person's car? Here we tell you more about important things that you have to think about.

Why do you need a "Authorized Car"?

When you plan to take your car abroad, especially to certain countries, the authorities usually require that you can prove that you have the right to drive and use the vehicle. This is especially important if you will not be the one driving the car yourself. A “Power of attorney” is an official document that authorizes another person to act as a driver on your behalf.

What you need to do:

We offer legally correct templates for “Power of Attorney Car” that you can download directly from our website. By using our professionally designed templates, you can be sure that the documentation is complete and meets the requirements set by other countries. We have carefully compiled and worded these templates to ensure they are legally binding and clearly communicate your intentions.

The advantages of using our service:

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Rely on our expertise and experience in providing the highest quality templates. We strive to facilitate your journey and ensure that you have the necessary documents. Remember that it is better to be prepared and have the right documents than to face complications and delays at border controls or at rental companies.

When is a power of attorney needed for a car?

Since you yourself are not registered on the car, various authorities may notice that the car you drive is not registered to you, which can cause problems. For example, it can cause problems when you leave Sweden or when you go between passport controls in different countries. The reason is that in some cases it may be suspected to be car theft.

It is therefore important that you have a document showing that you have received permission from the registered driver of the car to borrow it. The authorities can then rely on the fact that you have the right to use the car and can also contact the owner to confirm that this is correct. It is important that such a document contains:

  • Your name and personal details
  • Name and personal details of the driver
  • Registration number and model of the car.
  • Signature of both parties
  • Stamp and signature of Notary Public

Other things that can be good to include in the document, but which are not necessary, are writing to which countries the car will be driven to and for what period of time the car will be used.

Viktiga saker att tänka på när du kör bil utomlands

  • Körkort ska alltid tas med
  • Vissa länder kräver internationellt körkort – det räcker inte med svenskt körkort.
  • Passhandlingar kan vara nödvändiga att visa upp.
  • Registreringsbevis som visar bilens ägare.
  • Fullmakt som tillsammans med registreringsbeviset visar att du har rätt att köra bilen.

Important things to consider when driving abroad

  • Driving license must always be taken with you
  • Some countries require an international driver’s license – a Swedish driver’s license is not enough.
  • Passport documents may be required to present.
  • Registration certificate showing the car’s owner.
  • Power of attorney which, together with the registration certificate, shows that you have the right to drive the car.

What can happen if I do not have a power of attorney to drive someone else's car abroad?

  • It can of course be fine to go away without having a power of attorney, but unfortunately there is always a chance that you can be stopped and checked. During such a check, it may be required that you show some form of proof that you have the right to drive the car. It has happened that people have been prevented from continuing their journey until it was possible to prove that they have the right to drive the vehicle. The vehicle has also been impounded on certain occasions.

    A simple way to avoid this eventuality is to simply carry a power of attorney to drive the car that has been stamped by a Notary Public.

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