Do you have a document that needs to be certified by a Notary Public in connection with an adoption? What documents do you need in connection with the adoption and how do you go about it? In this section, we explain everything you need to know about the services a Notary Public can offer in connection with an adoption.

How do you proceed with an Adoption?

In the international adoption process, applicants usually maintain a lot of contact with foreign authorities, which sometimes requires a Notary Public to stamp various types of documents before submitting them for review. At this stage, we can assist you throughout the entire process. From beginning to end. We help you from the first step until a completed adoption.

If you have adoption documents that need to be certified, you can send them to us or come by our office. Many documents can be processed already the same day at the office, but if they are sent by post, it takes about one to three days to process the case. A tip is to always ask your adoption agency which documents you need certified by a Notary Public.

Adoption – Step by step

  • Contact an adoption agency.
  • Contact the Social Welfare Board in your municipality. They start an investigation to assess suitability as an adoptive parent.
  • Before an investigation is started, you must undergo mandatory parenting training.
  • After the course is finished, the Social Welfare Committee can conclude the investigation and make a decision on consent to adoption.
  • Contact the adoption agency again and send the documents for the consent for adoption. After this, you discuss with the agency, for example, which country you want to adopt from.
  • The adoption agency will help you compile the adoption documents. Stamps from a Notary Public are usually needed here.
  • When the adoption documents are ready, an application is sent to the relevant country you are adopting from.
  • After waiting for a while, you will be informed about the child you are going to be a parent to.
  • Travel to the relevant country to pick up the child.
  • Complete adoption. You are now at home with the child.
  • Follow-up report to abroad on how the process has gone.

Adoption agencies

There are several different adoption agencies/adoption agencies in Sweden. Responsible for these is the Authority for International Adoption Issues (MIA) and they are also the ones who make decisions about which organizations are allowed to be responsible for adoptions. Examples of popular adoption agencies are:

Adoption Center

La Casa Adoption Association (ALC)

The children above all

Friends of the Children – International Adoption Association

The Family Association for International Adoption

Costs of adoption

It is difficult to say an exact price for an adoption, as it varies depending on which adoption agency you use and which country you choose to adopt from. First, an adoption fee is paid to the adoption agency. Then fees must be paid for translations, services of a Notary public and the travel costs incurred when you pick up the child. Normally, the cost of an adoption is between SEK 60,000 – 190,000.

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