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Our office is opposite the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce , in the same building and on the same floor. We help you with the Notary Public’s stamp in a few minutes.

In international trade and deliveries of products abroad, your company often needs various commercial documents that the Notary Public and the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce verify. You can read more about Handelsdokument on their website.

Before this, the document usually needs to be stamped by a Notary Public.

Stockholm Chamber of Commerce Opening hours

The Stockholm Chamber of Commerce is open for handling commercial documents from 13.00-15.00 on weekdays. They also have telephone hours between 10.00-12.00 Monday-Friday. The telephone number for the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce section for International Trade is 08-555 100 20.

During opening hours, you can hand in and pick up your documents. Important to know is that the processing time for the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce is 1 working day.

What is a Trade Document?

Trade documents are a common name for documents that are needed for the purpose of using for international trade. Most often, a Commercial Document is a standardized form that is filled in, but there are also simplified forms for certain types of products.

There are a number of important purposes why Trade Documents were used. Commercial documents are used so that the recipient receives a certificate of the contents of the delivery from the sender and that it ensures the traceability of the product. In short, it is part of quality assurance.

When you send a Commercial Document, it must be signed and sent in its original with the delivery. You must also keep a copy yourself, so two copies of the document are always needed. Both the Commercial Document and the copy must then be saved for 2 years.

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