Notary Public – What is a Notary Public?

Do you need a document signed by a Notary Public or an apostille for international use? Getting help from a Notary Public is your solution. In this comprehensive guide, we explore the role and importance of a Notary Public.

What is a Notary Public?

A Notary Public, a role deeply rooted in both Swedish and international law, is a legal professional and title that in Sweden is issued by the County Administrative Board. A Notary Public has the right to verify and authenticate documents. This service is crucial for ensuring legal validity in various contexts, from business transactions to personal matters, almost always with a connection to abroad.

History and Importance

Historically, the Notary Public has been an important part of the legal system. In Sweden, this service has evolved to meet modern requirements for legal authentication. This evolution reflects global changes and agreements, such as the Hague Convention, which has simplified the process for international legalization of documents. Instead of some documents first needing to be stamped by a Notary Public, then by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, and then by the receiving country’s embassy, with the Hague Convention, the document can be directly provided with an Apostille, making it valid in all member countries.

A Notary Public can help with, among other things:

  1. Authentication of Signatures: A basic but critical service where the Notary Public certifies that a signature is genuine and that the signatory has verified their identity. A common example is the signing of powers of attorney.
  2. Verification of Documents: This involves confirming that copies of documents are identical to the original, an important process for legal and academic documents. A common example is the certification of passport copies.
  3. Apostille: An Apostille is a certification that a document, to the best knowledge of the Notary Public, has been issued by a competent authority and official. It can be simplified as a verification of an authority’s seal and a competent official’s signature.

When and Why Do You Need a Notary Public?

The reasons for seeking a Notary Public are many:

  • International Business: For cross-border transactions, it is often a requirement from the receiving party that certain documents be stamped by a Notary Public. For example, in real estate transactions abroad, such as in Spain, this is very common.
  • Education and Work Abroad: To certify education certificates or work contracts, universities or employers abroad often require that one’s grades or work contracts be stamped by a Notary Public.
  • Legal Processes: In situations where legal documents need a confirmed and credible signature. For example, it could be to confirm a court decision abroad. 

What Do I Need to Do?

Getting a document notarized or stamped with an Apostille is a process that requires accuracy and attention to detail. The most important thing is that you, who need help, have spoken with the party requesting the documents to be stamped and received clear instructions on exactly what type of certification from a Notary Public is needed. It often varies from case to case, and it is difficult for a Notary Public to know what you need. Before you go to a Notary Public, you should consider:

  1. Preparation: Ensure that all documents are correctly filled out and ready for notarization. If you are unsure, ask those who have requested that the documents be stamped.
  2. Identification: You often need a valid ID to confirm your identity.
  3. Signing: Do not sign documents before your visit, e.g., a power of attorney. This often has to be done in the presence of the Notary Public. 

How Apostille24 Can Assist

At Apostille24, we specialize in offering comprehensive and efficient Notary Public services. Our team of experienced specialists can guide you through the entire process, from preparation to the finished document. We have a drop-in at Kungsgatan 37 every weekday from 9-16 and can assist you with your documents within minutes. We offer both personal meetings and online services to meet your needs, no matter where you are. Contact us at or call us at 08-502 353 37.

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