Terms and Conditions

The conditions mentioned below apply to all products and services that Apostille24 provides, unless otherwise agreed between the parties. Please read the terms and conditions before proceeding with a purchase from us.

Limitation of liability

Liability for delays and errors

Apostille24 is responsible, with the limitations specified below, for delays and errors due to Apostille24’s negligence. If Apostille24 does not perform the service on time or there are errors in the service performed, the Customer may, in the event of Apostille24’s negligence, request remedial action, price reduction or cancellation. However, in the event of an error in the service performed, the Customer must always give Apostille24 the opportunity to remedy the error within a reasonable time before another penalty is requested. Cancellation of an ordered service may only take place if the delay or error is of significant importance to the Customer and Apostille24 realizes or must realize this.

Responsibility in general

Apostille24 is liable, with the limitations specified below, for damage to or loss of documents due to Apostille24’s negligence. Apostille is responsible, in the event of its own negligence, for damage to or loss of documents entrusted by the Customer to Apostille24. Documents refer to passports, visas, export documents and other similar documents.

In case of specified damage or loss, Apostille24 undertakes to reimburse the Customer’s direct costs for remedying the damage or re-acquiring the lost document. However, Apostille24’s total liability is limited to SEK 5,000 per assignment.

Apostille24 is not responsible in any case for damage to or loss of documents due to the carrier, such as Postnord or DHL, authorities or other third parties. This also applies to third parties hired or recommended by Apostille24. Documents that are not delivered to the Customer as a result of a third party’s negligence are not replaced by Apostille24.

Indirect damage

Apostille24 is not responsible in any case for indirect damage. Indirect damage means lost trading profit, lost income, damage as a result of the service not being able to be used in the intended way, breach of contract in other agreements, damage of a non-profit nature, and other similar damage.

Limitation of liability Apostille

Apostille24 is not responsible for the customer having ordered incorrect services for their situation, for example a document being stamped with the wrong type of stamp or a stamp being issued in the wrong language. Apostille24 can act consultatively, but the customer has final responsibility and services ordered where it turns out afterwards that the customer actually needed another service are not replaced by Apostille24.


The consumer’s right of withdrawal – Act on distance contracts and off-premises contracts (2005:59)

Since Apostille24’s services consist of drawing up a document in accordance with the Customer’s specific wishes and the execution of the service begins during the withdrawal period, Apostille24 only undertakes to provide its services to the Customer, who is a consumer as defined in the Distance and Home Sales Act, if the latter accepts the right of withdrawal according to said  law shall not apply . You can read more about Consumers’ right of withdrawal via this page.


If the Customer wishes to claim liability against Apostille24, he must notify them in writing of this no later than two weeks after they would have completed the agreed service. If a complaint is not made in time or in the prescribed manner, the Customer loses the right to claim liability against Apostille24.

Procedure in case of dispute

Disputes regarding this agreement shall, unless otherwise agreed in writing between Apostille24 and the Customer, be settled by a Swedish court according to Swedish law, with the Stockholm district court as the first instance.

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