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Timothy Prellwitz has been appointed Notary Public by an appointment from the Stockholm County Administrative Board.

``I will help you so that everything is correct and that you get your documents ready as quickly as possible.''

More about Timothy Prellwitz

Timothy has a law degree from Umeå University and is originally from Boden. Or rather, a small village outside Boden, called Gunnarsbyn. Timothy was born in New York but moved to Sweden when he was two years old and has grown up here. Timothy has dual citizenship in both Sweden and the USA.

After his law degree, Timothy worked at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs , where he gained extensive experience from matters with international connections. He started working as Chief Legal Officer at the funeral and law firm Lavendla . Lavendla is one of Sweden’s largest players in both industries, with the business idea of ​​making the difficult easier. After his time at Lavendla, Timothy returned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for a number of years where he spent most of his time abroad working at the Swedish embassy in Sudan, China and the USA. After his time abroad, he returned to Sweden to work at the rights organization Civil Rights Defenders. Nowadays, he works full-time as a self-employed person.

In the services that Apostille24 offers, we have the same approach as Lavendla – the service must be flexible, simple and on the customer’s terms. The customer must always be in focus and it is they who must dictate the terms.

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Frequently asked questions about Apostille

Here we have answers to some common questions about Apostille and Notary Publocis

An Apostille is a special form of stamp. The Apostille stamp is authorized in that the person issuing the stamp has received a government appointment to be able to issue the Apostille stamp. Only a so-called Notary Public can issue an Apostille. Read more here.

An Apostille can be needed in many different contexts. Most often, it is about certifying the authenticity of documents issued by a Swedish authority. It is then usually foreign authorities or companies that require a Notary Public to certify the official document with an Apostille Stamp. Read more here.

Providing a document with an Apostille via us costs SEK 498. Payment is always made after the fact and we have a money-back policy. Read more here.

A Notary Public is a lawyer who has been awarded a statutory government trust which means that they can help the public with various services. For example, a Notary Public can issue Apostilles, witness signatures and assist with the issuance of powers of attorney. Read more here.

A Notary Public assists the public with certain services that may be needed in their everyday life, not infrequently with an international connection. Most commonly, a Notary Public helps with certifying signatures, certifying the authenticity of official documents (through Apostille stamp).

Read more about what a Notary Public does here.


You are most welcome to contact us completely free of charge. We help you find out which service of a Notary Public you need in your specific case.

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